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PLC & HMI Training Course: - This course will teach you the basics about PLC's, how they are constructed and used in industry, how to create Ladder programs, use Timers and handle Data etc. You will gain experience in using a PLC Support Tool, which allows you to write PLC programs on your PC. Learn to identify the different types of PLC and understand how the PLC works as opposed to a PC. Learn how to write small program routines in Ladder language, addressing of contacts and coils, understand how and when to use Timers, create latches and manipulate data values, which are all fundamental in any manufacturing process. Plus you will gain a basic understanding of the PLC numbering systems and how to convert numbers into the different formats that PLC's utilize.


PLC Hardware Fundamentals And Block Diagram

Chassis And Power Supplies


I/O Modules

Communication Modules

Motion Modules

PLC Ladder Logic

Is It Normally Open Or Normally Closed?

A Basic Rung Of Logic

Instruction Types

Adjusting Timers And Counters

What Is Integers, Binary, Floating Point Data Memory Areas

Basic Use Of PLC Programming Software

PC To PLC Communications

Working Efficiently With Tool Bars

On Line And Off Line Operation

Analog Functions With PID Applications

Troubleshoot Actual Problems

Basic Troubleshooting Theory

The Most Common Problems

Tracing And Monitoring Input And Outputs

Actual Troubleshooting Exercise

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